How it Works?

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of remote working possibilities?

Buckle up and follow our lead.

In order to reserve yourself your favourite spot via Shake Bench, you will only need to follow a few simple steps.


1. Find and Reserve a space

After signing in to your Shake Bench account, you can go straight to our platform where you will be able to see all the different locations we have available. Each venue includes photos and a description. The description includes all the benefits of the chosen venue, generally including: high speed internet, types of drinks and food available and at a discount, power outlets, whether it’s an open or private space, comfortable seating and much more. Oh, you’ve already found Shake Bench of yours? Go on, go on, click reserve. The second you reserve your spot for the hours needed, the money due for payment of your stay will be set aside in your bank account for a smoother transaction later.

2. Check-In at the space

Soon after you reserve your spot, Shake Bench will send you an SMS with your Check-In Code. Make sure to keep this SMS as you will need to present this to your host. But don’t fret, if you happen to delete it by mistake you can show your host the email you receive simultaneous to the text or else your booking from your Shake Bench account.All you have to do is go into the restaurant, hotel or any other destination chosen and show the host your Check-In Code. You will then be guided to your spot. Be sure to make yourself at home, this is now your mobile office for a few hours. As soon as you check-in, you will receive a Check-Out code to use later when your time is up.



3. Have a productive stay

You are now set to work and get creative. You can hold meetings with your clients or just sit back and answer emails, create artworks, sort data, and much more. The second you start getting sleepy or potentially a tiny bit famished give your host a little signal to order anything that comes complimentary to your stay or else go make yourself a cuppa (this is subject to change according to venue).

4. Check-Out once ready

Once you are ready from all your pending work, you can check-out. You can stay for a longer or shorter period than that booked, of course subject to availability, and for this you will be charged to the nearest 15 minutes. At that moment, the transaction will be automatically done from your bank account and you will receive a Check-Out success notification.


Efficient, don’t you think?

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