Why Choose Shake Bench?

Shake Bench was made keeping you in mind. As a company, we aim to create a network of spaces for you to choose from which will not only give you the ultimate mobile working experience but will help you impress your clients and maintain happiness among your employees.

Near-by spaces

Near-by spaces

It helps you find nearby spaces so you won’t have to travel far or get stuck in traffic

Afforable and on-demand

Afforable and on demand

Provides you with affordable and on demand spaces where you can meet and work

Unlimited Drinks

Unlimited Drinks

Never run out of ammo, drink as much as you want from your space’s chosen drinks



Stay connected through secured and high speed internet

Power Outlets

Power Outlets

You don’t have to worry about your devices dying, power outlets to charge your gadgets and devices are a must

Open or Privatespaces

Open or Private spaces

Choose the space which fits your needs, whether holding a group meeting or wanting to work in a quiet space on your own

Through its platform, Shake Bench is providing you with a multitude of spaces and places around the Maltese Islands fully equipped for remote working and meetings. Whether you are an employer seeking to give your employees the freedom of working remotely, or else you are an employee who already has this possibility of mobile work (if not, we can help you get it), Shake Bench has you covered.

Not only do we aim at creating an ultimate mobile working experience which allows you to hop from one place to another in the easiest of ways, but we can also supply you with a large choice of venues that will help you impress your next big client.

And if you thought WiFi and electricity will be a problem, think again. All venues listed on Shake Bench come well equipped with high speed WiFi and one socket per person. P.S. we also promise you will be provided with drinks too!

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