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Earn money even during idle or slow hours of your business

Hotels, Restaurants, art galleries and other local spaces are joining us to make extra income by find an alternative scope to their space.

Why Shake Bench for Local Business?

It is no secret that during the day, restaurants and hotels are not as busy as one would hope. We at Shake Bench recognise this pain-point and want to help you maximise the potential of your space as much as possible.

Our Solution

Our platform allows its users, mainly people who work remotely, to look for a space from where to work and/or hold meetings. The space needs to be affordable and productive, secure and quiet, with high speed internet, power outlets and hot & cold beverages waiting to be served. We are achieving this, and much more, by partnering up with restaurants and hotels that are interested in transforming parts of their space into a workspace environment.

Add your space on Shake Bench Platform

It’s free to add yourself to the list and we will help you every step of the way. We will take photos of your space and also suggest pricing to maximise your space’s use and potential.

You are free to set you pricing and availability for remote workers. You can adjust availability from our website, making sure that Shake Bench will never disturb your main service.

Welcome your guests and make them feel at home.

Check in your remote working clients through our system and create for them an unforgettable experience.

Check the guests out and get paid for that visit

Don’t worry! There is no need to keep checking in on your guests. Once they are ready they will ask you to check out. A monthly payment will then be issued through your preferred payment method.

Fill in this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.