About Us

Our Origin – a response to a common problem

Shake Bench started out as a solution for a common problem: helping people who want to work and meet while on the go. Back in 2016, our founder Eman Mifsud was still at university finishing off his studies. He himself needed a productivity hack that would overcome the challenge of juggling work, study and personal commitments, and this involved working from all kinds of places like coffee shops and restaurants.

While trying to work from a noisy coffee shop with no Wi-Fi and no power outlets, Eman had that ‘aha moment’. He realised Shake Benchs like hotels, restaurants and other venues are under-utilised enough during the day (technically these places are losing money) while people who need to work outside an office enviroment are constantly seeking a quiet and comfy spaces with good Wi-Fi, power sources and drinks to keep them going through their busy day.

Eman came up with the answers to these two problems:
  1. People looking for adequates space to work from and meet in
  2. Under-utilisation of commercially viable spaces.

The answer is Shake Bench. Shake Bench is a platform that connects alternative spaces with people looking to work or meet outside of the usual office environment

Our Mission – Embracing change to make work on the go easier

The concept of working from anywhere is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Shake Bench envisions making working and meeting on the go easier than ever. In fact, thanks to Shake Bench, the process of finding that perfect location - to work, have a team meeting or a team building event, to interview a potential candidate or close a deal with a client - is now affordable, on demand and just a few clicks away.

Shake Bench is also empowering hotels, restaurants, art galleries and other buildings with areas of potential to open up their spaces for alternative uses without the effort of having to promote their space and taking bookings in order to host guests all by themselves.

Ultimately, we believe in a connected society where unique spaces are accessible to everyone, while owners have the opportunity to maximize the use and potential of their spaces. That is why Shake Bench has became a reality.


Cities are full of unique but underutilised spaces


Technology transforms industries into being more flexible and remote friendly


Shake Bench makes unique spaces accessible to everyone

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